Top 10 Strategies to Increase Instagram Followers

Top 10 Strategies to Increase Instagram Followers

You live in a digital world so you have to learn digital marketing ways because this is the only way you can go and stand a chance of thriving in fierce competition. Over decades, Instagram has become the most renowned channel to build a reliable audience and develop a brand. Many businesses use Instagram, but a few of them are competent to get millions of followers. You must be wondering how this can be feasible, but it is. Here are the strategies that you should use to get massive Instagram followers.

Use Right Hashtags

Wait! Don’t get excited and think that you can overlook it as you’re already aware of it. Using hashtags is one thing and using right hashtags is another thing. Both these terms are not interchangeable.

Popular hashtags such as #fashion, #beautiful, #happy, #follow, #instadaily, #friends, #nature etc can help you grab the attention of audience but can’t lead to long-term engagement. So when you tag a photo, you have to search the internet to find the most relevant hashtags that are in search.

You can use free online tools to get relevant hashtags for your product. If your business is related to men’s apparel, the hashtags you can use are #mensfashion, #mensapparel, #fashion, #mensgoods, #instafashion etc. You also need to put product category keywords and location tags.

Post Consistently and at the Right Time

To grab the attention of visitors, the more often you post, the more followers and likes you’ll get. According to the trend, you should upload at least one post every day. Consistency is a key element to build up trust among the audience that helps you turn into a brand.

However, the time when you post also plays a crucial role to grab more followers. For this purpose, you need to use online tools to analyse your past Instagram history. It will throw light on followers engagement with your posts as well as the best times of the day for uploading.

Try Videos and Stories

Gone are the days when Instagram was limited to only images. With additional features like videos and stories, you have different options to publish your content to enthral your audience. People show interest in watching videos more than images.

Stories feature is admired and used by millions of people, so with the help of this option, you can communicate with your audience that will not only captivate them but help you build your brand. You should use amazing templates to create stories and share them with your audience.

Promote Your Instagram presence on Other Platforms

It’s essential that you make people find you easier on Instagram if you want to increase the traffic. The best thing to do is propagating your Instagram presence on other social media platforms.

If you’re on Facebook, Twitter or any other platform where you have maintained visibility and enough traffic, let your audience know about your presence on Instagram. Share the link to your Instagram account and incentivise the visitors to click and check in. You can also consider highlighting your Instagram posts on other accounts. You’ll get more followers if you boost those posts.

Use Geotags

Geotags is the process of adding geographical tags to make your Instagram posts discoverable. You can tag the city where you’re in or the location where the photo or video was taken. You should also comment on pictures so that you can increase your visibility to people. Geotagging when you’re one road will work the other way around. This will help local people of that place discover your Instagram account.

Instagram Giveaway

Many businesses irrespective of their size run Instagram giveaway to get more followers and encourage social sharing of a post. For running an Instagram giveaway, first you should determine the amount of prize to avoid deleterious impact on your sales. However, you have to ensure that this will entice people to enter the giveaway as well. This strategy not only contributes your post engagement but also helps you get new followers.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a collaboration with other influential people who’ll share your posts and messages with their audience. This marketing style is more trustworthy than traditional marketing styles. This will help you as well your partners provide more value to your existing audience and new customers.

Use Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics will give you deep insight into your target audience. These tools can help you know about engagement, people’s reach, top posts, location and followers’ gender and age etc. Reviewing your activities on a daily basis will help you know where you lack and what you need to do to grab more audience.

Ask Followers to Subscribe You

The same way YouTubers ask viewers to subscribe at the end of a video, you can also ask your followers to subscribe. Don’t hesitate to ask this because your followers may like your Instagram post and be looking forward to getting more content. You can remind them to subscribe your account to get more engaging information.

Hop on Trends

Get into the swing of Instagram trends to attract more audience. Preparing your content with trendy topics and relevant hashtags can increase your visibility.