Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing: Know Why Online Marketing is the Clear-Cut Winner

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing: Know Why Online Marketing is the Clear-Cut Winner

Marketing is essential for any business to grow. You may have the most amazing product/service in the market, but if no one knows its value or maybe even its existence, you won’t can’t even have a single sale. Hence it is important for you to use marketing techniques to promote your business, offerings, and brand. Earlier, businesses used snail mail, face-to-face interactions, tele-calling, and many more approaches to promote their product/service. But with digitalisation gone those days of traditional marketing.

With the growing usage of the Internet, the way of communication or promotion of brand has changed significantly. Today, irrespective of size, thousands of companies are opting for digital approaches to promote their brand. Today, digitalisation has been driving force for digital marketing and is increasing rapidly with each passing day. But why do people for this new method of promotion leaving back traditional marketing (which was the only way of promoting the product/service) approaches? While both the marketing techniques have their own pros and cons, digital marketing is still considered as an undisputed winner. The reasons behind being,

  • Pocket-friendly

Television ads, newspaper ads, etc. are quite expensive and cannot be afforded by small size companies for promoting their product/service every often. Digital advertisements on the other hand is something which even the newbie, small size or medium sized companies can afford.

  • Real time result

With traditional marketing, you cannot expect instant results. You will have to wait for weeks, or even months before the boosts start to turn up. But by using online marketing, you can acquire quick gain including good number of visitors, conversion rates, bounce rates, etc. Hence, when you have the results in real time, you need not waste no time taking necessary action to increase the sales.

  • Non-intrusive

People don’t buy the newspaper, magazines, etc. for the ads in it and often ignore the ads in it. So, we can simply say, that traditional advertising mostly gets ignored. But this is not the case with online advertising.Ads are not shoved into the people’s faces and are free to choose whether they want to see it or not. Online marketing also lets you target only the interested audience, as the social networking sites keep track of what your target audience is looking for.

  • Higher exposure

Traditional advertisements are limited to a certain population. I.e. it cannot cover all kind audience. But through digital marketing, you can easily reach wide amount of audience in least possible time.

Pros of digital marketing is not limited to the aforementioned ones. But by knowing the speculation of both digital and traditional marketing, we can declare online marketing as a winner over traditional marketing.