What makes content attractive?

What makes content attractive?

How often have you heard that content is king? Wherever you go, you’ll always hear that all that matters is the content. But the point is how you present that content. Content could be in the form of anything, it could either be written or pictorial. But what how can you be certain with what type of content you have to share and how to make it attractive for the audience?

First and foremost, originality is the key to creativity. You may not believe this statement, but what may come to your mind, will never occur to anyone else. Remember your school days when your teacher could make out that you have copied the answer from someone else? If your teacher could, with no robotic qualities, then Google can surely do with its bots. Google penalizes the sites with duplicate content, as original and great content improves site’s ranking.

Now you must be wondering that how much content can be created in the world? And what new and original content can you create every time? Even though you skip copying, you try to play around with the existing content. Bashing the same concepts or related posts over and over is not original. No one likes to read played out words.

Blogs and articles are the pioneers of content. But who likes to bush around grandparents? The genx and geny of content is images and videos. Be creative with images and videos. How? Create special content like infographics, video tutorials, animated videos, interview content, and podcast as you bring originality on the table. Variety in the content is what makes it attractive, at the end of the day.

Weave stories for the readers. Why do you think people read fiction? Fictitious stories help people come alive and think out of the box, and exactly this is what people are expecting out of your content. With your creative and attractive content, your viewers will turn into buyers. However, provide accurate information to your reader. Your story should build in such a way that the reader resonates to it and gets a clarity on whatever he was searching on the internet.

When you are writing, make sure to avoid jargons and technical language. Your readers are reading to gain something and not to get stuck with your hefty words. Google is all about typing a query and getting an answer to it. Thence, your content should leave your audience with curiosity or a question in mind to brainstorm or maybe look further onto it.

Basically, know your audience. It doesn’t matter if the content is for your website or social media; it should be for your audience. Write as you speak for the reader to know that you are interacting with him and he is not reading a monologue. Don’t miss out a call to action for your reader. Drive your audience somewhere.

Let your title talk. The title of your blog, video, image should speak it out. Either it should tell your audience about what’s coming on the way, or it should make him curious about what the heck is this about! The title should not be too direct for your reader to conclude it himself and neither should it too confusing as to he skips the content. Don’t skim over the titles or leave it for later.

Let your creative side be out with your blog and make the introduction and the conclusion promising for your audience. As a number of people engages with your content, Google realises it’s worth and help it rank higher.