Light, Camera, Action: Corporate Videos for Great Digital Marketing Results

Light, Camera, Action: Corporate Videos for Great Digital Marketing Results

With the growing use of communicative media in marketing and business enhancement, the potential of video cannot be ignored. If you have ever been to Twitter or Facebook, you must have seen the increasing use of videos for educative as well as marketing purpose.

We have to agree to the fact that consumers are adopting the digitalized world very quickly and every day there are 100 million hours of video views on various social networking sites. Historically, video marketing has been the niche area for big brands with big budgets, but recently with affordable apps and editing tools, it is now quite attainable by small businesses.

The success of this audiovisual format is due to the fact that the institutional videos allow transmitting a lot of information about a product, brand, company or business event in a very short time.

Here are some tips to create an interactive video and generate ROI:

  1. Focus on your message
    You must know perfectly what you want to transmit. Showcase the brand message by planning out a scenario with some serious conversation in a light way. The team would have volunteers who can execute their roles well. It helps in new employment, and clients/prospects also get to know the work culture better.
  2. Create videos with testimonials/ consumer experience videos
    It will definitely make an impact if someone is talking about your brand and people get too view it rather than just reading. It’s a human psychology that people depend more on visual motion content than anything written. Well, capturing videos of people talking about your brand plays a significant role in people trusting your brand.
  3. The preproduction
    If you have done a good planning job before starting the recording, you have 50% of the project done. In this way, you will reduce the problems that may arise during filming. Basically, the preproduction of a corporate video consists in the elaboration of a script, in creating a filming plan to choose the locations, dates and times, in the selection of personnel (technicians, actors or human resources of the company and more) and the choice of the material you will use.
  4. The style
    There are different styles of corporate videos: with real images, with animations (Motion Graphics), testimonials, promotional, with actors and more. Decide the style according to the message, the characteristics of the company and the budget. For an online company whose intention is to explain the operation of its website, we recommend a video with animations. Also, you can try capturing the moments of an event, whether in-house or an event where someone is going to represent the brand is a great idea. Pay more attention to get into the limelight speaking about your brand and plan it well ahead to execute in a better way.
  5. The shoot
    It is better to record little and accurately than to accumulate useless plans. As far as possible, light each scene with the appropriate material. If the budget allows you, hire a specialist who is responsible only for it. Use the movement in the planes taking advantage of that infinity of accessories that currently exist (Steadicam, dolly, slider, drones and more).
  6. The duration
    Think of the good commercials: how effective they are and they only last thirty seconds! It is not about you making a video of this duration, but be very careful with exceeding it in time. The recommended average is between two and three minutes, especially if the video is for the Internet.
  7. Post Production
    Choose the best shots you have recorded, make sure that the rhythm of the images is the most appropriate, retouch each shot (color, contrast, and levels) and do not discard to go to the image banks. It also controls the audio levels, both of the voices and of the music, use sound effects or filters whenever necessary. The sound is as important as the image.

Any product or service that you present through a video, should connect to the lives of your viewers. This will not only help your brand to grow but it will create an everlasting effect on your audience.