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Contrary to popular belief, bounce rate and exit rate are not same. While you might think that these words are synonyms,

When you organise a party for your friends, you are the host of that party. In simpler terms, hosting is a service provi

Remember those days when the only thing being spoken about was future? The future was flying cars, humanly robots, and a

Who hasn’t studied A for Apple and B for Ball? While even your grandmother must be knowing the conventional ABC, as a

With a minimalistic difference between a blogging website and a service providing website for a user, they both are very

How many of us love the movie version of a book? Have you ever wondered why? Because they are more appealing and saves a

There is a simple Darwinian rule of surviving in the ever-changing market- beat others before you get knocked down! Sinc

The bigger business projects, only 24 hours in a day, and so many errands running, you might not be able to handle onlin